City National Security is proud to employ one of the industry’s most well-trained and experienced personnel teams in the industry. The best way to ensure the most reliable security for each client is to put the best possible candidate for the job in the position. That is why City National Security uses an extensive screening process when hiring and continues with intensive on-going training. By conducting a thorough evaluation of skills and experience, City National Security can hand-select team members for each assignment, assuring that client needs and team member expertise are properly matched.

POWER Trained® Personnel


Prepare: Because we believe relationships are everything, every City National team member undergoes sensitivity training and instruction about dealing with people in a variety of situations. They learn about each industry type and the unique requirements for each assignment, developing a level of readiness and preparation uncommon in the industry.


Outperform: City National encourages its team members to outperform in every sense of the word. They are expected to exceed the expectations of each client and develop a sense of self-fulfillment by always giving their best. In return, City National outperforms their expectation of us, offering growth opportunities, competitive pay and benefits packages and unique rewards for a job well done.


 Watch: City National team members are given extensive instruction about what to look for and how to effectively and efficiently process that information. As a result, they become keen observers of their surroundings, instantly able to identify things and people that don’t belong and adept at working with law enforcement before, during and after an incident.


Engage: City National team members receive intensive training about how to handle themselves in crisis situations. Through this training, they develop the skills necessary to protect those around them while effectively addressing situations of all kinds. So, whether it’s simply greeting a customer entering a bank, interacting with a distraught crime victim or dealing with a perpetrator, City National team members arrive ready to deal with the situation.


 Respond: Responsiveness is the cornerstone of a high-quality security installation, so every team member is dedicated providing clients and members of the public with the best communication possible, addressing issues as they arise and solving problems before they get out of hand.

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