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Protecting The Cloud: Physical Security At Datacenters


As cyber security incidents continue to increase, data must be protected by more stringent methods than before. Cloud computing brought us more flexibility and freedom than ever thought possible, but with this new beneficial innovation also came many new security threats. However, these threats are not completely related to cybersecurity. Data that is stored in the cloud is actually stored on servers, typically in large datacenters. These datacenters may hold thousands of different servers, and the physical security necessary to keep large datacenters secure can seem to be a daunting task.


For instance, a datacenter in Chicago currently boasts 1.1 million square feet of servers. Now imagine if a criminal was able to walk into such a place, and walk out with valuable confidential information. While cybersecurity is a critical necessity to protect against hackers, physical security can be just as important. This is why the team of experts at City National Security have made datacenter security a top priority. We understand how important it is for companies and individuals to protect their sensitive information.


So how exactly does City National Security protect the data in datacenters?


  • Access Control: Controlling who has access to the datacenter is the most important step. If a criminal can’t access the datacenter, they will not be able to steal data. City National Security works with the datacenter management in order to effectuate the best security solution possible. Typically this includes manned guarding solutions with patrols and periodic inspections, as well as electronic access control surveillance solutions.



  • Patrols: Cameras are great at detecting a breach in progress, but you also need security officers around in case a security breach occurs. City National Security has a team of trained and experienced security officers who take datacenter protection extremely seriously. Whether the datacenter’s security needs walking patrols, vehicle patrols, or both, City National Security has an effective solution to meet the business needs.


  • Collaboration: This is the most important part. Collaboration brings everything together in real time. Manned guards, patrols, surveillance cameras and electronic reporting. It all integrates together to create one extensive security solution that covers multiple threats.


Why City National?


City National is currently trusted to protect a variety of properties with critical data in them. These properties including real estate complexes, shopping centers, construction sites, hotels and government facilities. One of our greatest privileges was to provide security services for the Space Shuttle Endeavor.


If you are in the market for an on-site datacenter security service that takes your security as seriously as you do, please give us a call to obtain more information about our services. We want to make your property more secure and and keep it that way.