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Complete Video & On-Site Guard Monitoring for Parking Garages, Distribution Centers & Hospitals



Security incidents are on the rise, which is why the experts at City National Security have implemented a new, innovative system that provides round-the-clock security and monitoring services for parking garages, distribution centers, and hospitals. City National Security utilizes a unique security and monitoring scheme that uses a combination of the newest monitoring technology hardware and software, as well as communication with physical guards, both on-site and at a call center, to deter criminal activity.

Parking Garages

Parking garages are typically dark with high walls and a lot of privacy. Multiple-levels increase the space, and this makes parking garages the perfect place for criminals to attack unsuspecting people, especially women who are alone. Lighting, call boxes, and elevators are a great start, but a complete monitoring system is a necessity for parking garages. Complete 24/7 video monitoring, elevator video monitoring, entrance/exit video monitoring, and on-premise guards are just a few of the solutions City National Security provides to parking garages. Our monitoring software provides communication between monitoring/alerting software and physical guards to ensure the fastest response possible to an incident.

Additional parking lot services provided by our technology and services include parking books that are updated in real-time, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It also allows tenants to apply for parking permits for their employees instantly, with no delays. Tenants can also manage their parking permits. Daily activity reports can be generated directly through the software.

Distribution Centers

Distribution centers are hotspots of activity, with goods constantly being moved into and out of the facility. With so much activity, it’s not unusual for criminals to target distribution centers in efforts to steal goods. The best way to deter thieves and prevent loss is to implement a competent security system, with both physical, on-premise guards, and 24-hour video monitoring of the premises.


Hospitals contain sensitive information on patients, and by law, this information must be protected. Hospitals also inventory a large amount of prescription medicines that are illegal for most people to acquire without a prescription. This makes hospitals a target for criminals who wish to steal medicine and either use them or sell them. With on-site guards, combined with round-the-clock monitoring and reporting from City National Security, hospitals can concentrate on what matters most. Keeping people alive and healthy is their primary focus and they can leave the security aspects in the hands of the professionals at City National Security.

Virtual Security

Virtual security is the perfect solution to maintain an acceptable level of security while reducing your security costs. Our virtual security system provides 24/7 monitoring and alerts to ensure that even if there are no physical guards around, the property is still completely protected, as the monitoring applications are always operating. The alerts are processed by real guards at the call center who can then coordinate response efforts with City National Security guards and local law enforcement.

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City National provides the perfect solution for all required security needs for parking garages, distribution centers, and hospitals. Call 310-614-6666, or contact us online for a consultation to determine if City National can help you with your security needs.